Electronic Lighting Systems, Inc. (ELS) is a manufacturer of Energy Efficient LED lighting products. Our LED lamps and fixtures reduce overall lighting energy consumption as compared to traditional lighting sources. Our LED products are a low temperature lighting source, which reduces HVAC loads and maintenance costs of facilities worldwide.

ELS LED lamps and fixtures are thoroughly tested for conformity and electrical specifications. Our high brightness LED products are useful in a wide range of environments, such as commercial, industrial, and retail lighting applications.

Hot Products
High Power LED Corn Lamps
The High Power LED Corn Lamp can reduce your energy consumption by 75%. This lamp is a replacement for a 400 watt High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lamps.
LED Retrofit Lamps
Our LED Retrofit Lamps are a direct replacement for up to 1500 watt HID lamps. The retrofit lamps consume between 80 to 400 watts, reducing your energy consumption by up to 75% of your current use.
80 watt LED Canopy Retrofit Kit
Our LED Canopy Retrofit Kit is a direct replacement for up to 250 watt HID fixtures. The retrofit kit consumes only 80 watts, reducing your energy consumption up to 68% of your current use..
  Rebate Programs Energy Savings Analysis Industry Specific Lighting Solutions

ELS manufactures and sells LED lighting products that may be eligible for Energy Rebates with your local utility.

We offer LED Lighting Energy Savings Analysis to review
the cost benefit of switching from existing lighting systems
to LED. Click here for more details.

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